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Label Printing Johannesburg – Labels and stickers are an easy way to get your brand’s image in front of more people. From circles to square-cut labels, ovals to gold-embossed seals, we can create whatever specialty shaped stickers or labels you need. For the most impact, your labels should work in conjunction with your overall marketing plan. We’ll be happy to help you design something unique or work with a design you bring us. Use your labels for both fun and function, as additions to your direct mail, as special reminders or even for giveaway items. Whatever your product or project demands, Megaprints can deliver.

Megaprints – a supplier of digital label printing services with our label printers in Johannesburg, South Africa. We can print labels for almost any product with our label printer. Label printing is ideal to market your brand on a mobile product at an affordable price. Our  label sticker printer calculates the price per label according to the amount of colours in the label artwork. We can give you an estimate on label stickers, but for a better price, we will need the artwork / design that you want to print as a label. The maximum size of a label sticker can be anything below 190mm x 400mm. Note that the 2 factors that will influence the price are the amount of ink used for printing the label and the size of the label sticker.  During the label printing process, all the labels are rolled up into a roll of labels.

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