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Business cards printing Johannesburg

Megaprints design and print business cards for businesses of all descriptions in and around Johannesburg. We create hundreds of different looks, feels and finishes, but what they all have in common is their function. They are designed to connect with your potential clients and give them your essential details.  When you are providing us with the details for your business cards there are a few things to double check before we turn them into a fabulous design. Hence we are the experts when it comes to business cards printing Johannesburg.

1. Do you tell people what your business actually does?
However beautiful your card is to look at, however stunning the graphics and logo and inspired the concept, if your contact can’t tell instantly what you do from one glance at your business card, it isn’t doing its job. Your company name may be self-explanatory but, if it isn’t, add on a tagline that spells out the nature of your business. For example a name like Mountain View Studios could be anything from a design business to a self-catering holiday apartment complex. Add a short tag such as Mountain View Studios – inspired graphic design, which immediately defines what you do and informs your new contact what you can do for them.

Business Cards Printing Companies Johannesburg

A business card is more than a piece of paper with your contact information, it’s a lasting impression. Choose from our diverse range of affordable options, that won’t cost an arm and a leg for your perfect printed card! No more worrying about a dead phone battery or scribbling your details on some tissue; instead, seal any deal with your memorable business card and a handshake.

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