Lanyards Printing

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Lanyards Printing Johannesburg

Lanyards Printing Johannesburg: Megaprints manufactures a wide range of lanyards (neck cords) both plain and printed – with options of badge holders, assorted clips and attachments. Whether you are looking for something functional or to make a brand statement, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Custom Lanyards Printing Johannesburg

Not only do branded lanyards look neat and professional, they also allow your delegates the freedom to move around the venue, without having to reach for their personal ID cards. Additionally, customized lanyards make it easier for delegates to identify each other and remember names, position or any other important info they might need. At Megaprints, we’re a little over-enthusiastic about being the best lanyard suppliers, so take a look at our range or get in touch if you have any questions.

Lanyard Printing

Megaprints is a supplier and printer of lanyards and fittings for promotions, events, security and just plain for fun. Lanyards can be customized with branding any color and a huge variety of clips, hooks and useful fittings to hold cell phones, keys and ID badges plus much more.

A Lanyard, or wrist strap, is a cord often worn around the neck or the wrist to carry something. They are comfortable and are made of good material that does not cause any discomfort to your skin.

We can supply and print customized lanyards with your company’s logo or message. Hence,  lanyards have a wide range of uses, from give away promotions to security and even a customized ID tag holder with your company name printed on the lanyard.

Moreover, lanyards have become a popular and highly successful form of branding. So, we have manufactured lanyards for some of the biggest corporate companies in South Africa. We also supply lanyard pouches that can be connected to the hook of the lanyard to safely store an Identity card or pass card. Our lanyard pouches are transparent and allows a person to see the detail of the card or pass very clearly.

We supply a wide range of colored lanyards that is screen-printed to the choice of your design.

A fine mesh screen is produced from the artwork that is supplied by the customer. The screen is placed on top of the material and then the colored ink is applied on the screen. A squeegee pushes the ink through the mesh screen to create the design beneath the material. All our silkscreen imprints are done manually and not by machine. This allows us to maintain the highest standards in imprint quality for clearness and sharpness.

Lanyard Printing

Lanyard printing is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to market your corporate identity.

They are most functional for security passes or other Identification purposes at events or expos. We can also supply you with various lanyard pouches used for identification or information. In fact, the multi functionality of lanyards applies to whatever can be clipped on the lanyard’s hook or clasp, be it pens, whistles, spectacles, wallets, ID cards, USB drives… you name it.

The standard widths are 20mm and 25mm. However we are able to customize this upon request, minimum orders will apply. We are even able to manufacture dog leashes and collars which are based on the same principle as the lanyards.

Lanyards Printing Options

  • Screen Printed Lanyards
  • Dye Sublimated Lanyards
  • Woven Lanyards
  • Unbranded
  • Video Flex – small rush orders only

You may also select the attachment mechanism of your liking. See below for options.

Other Product Options

  • Dog leashes (with collars)
  • Jellybean lanyards
  • Rhinestone lanyards
  • Domed lanyards
  • Safety lanyards (reflective and bright)
  • Flag lanyards
  • Bottle opener lanyards
  • Dog tags
  • Pen holder lanyards
  • Retractor reels
  • Tradeshow lanyards
  • Lanyard Pouches

Fitment options

  • Safety breakaway
  • Release Buckle
  • Lobster hook
  • Swivel Hook
  • Split Rings
  • Carabiner
  • Crocodile Clips
  • Domed Buckle
  • Bottle Opener Keyring Holder
  • Bottle Opener
  • Crocodile clip with Strap
  • Swing clip
  • Cell phone clip
  • Dog Clip
  • Water Bottle Grip
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Retractor reel (Square)
  • Retractor reel (round for lanyards)

Pouches (PVC)

  • 85(w)x105(h)mm
  • 105(w)x105(h)mm
  • 93(w)x58(h)mm
  • 90(w)x58(h)mm
  • 95(w)x125(h)mm
  • 130(w)x80(h)mm

Card Holders (Rigid Plastic)

  • Lanyard card holder: 90(w)x72(h)mm
  • Lanyard card holder: 90(w)x72(h)mm
  • Proxy card holder: 90(w)x72(h)mm (centre holes)
  • Proxy Card holder: 90(w)x72(h)mm (side hole)

What we need in order to quote you on Lanyards Printing

  • The chosen width of your lanyard and quantity
  • The preferred printing method (we can advise if you are unsure)
  • Quantity needed
  • Preferred hook
  • Chosen fitment, if any

To discuss an order or to get a quotation, we kindly request that you provide us with your specifications via email, and we shall reply accordingly. Quotations take up to one working day to complete depending on the quantity.

Production Time for Lanyards Printing

Moreover, production times may vary greatly depending on your chosen printing method. If you chose unbranded lanyards we should be able to get them ready in a matter of days depending on availability. Screen printed lanyards take between 7-10 working days to complete as well as the sublimation lanyards. Woven lanyards take even longer and minimum order quantities apply.

Should you be pressed for time, we have an option of using video flex on standard colors. This is a viable option for lower quantities. We will add your logo to already assembled lanyards using the heat press process, email us for more information on this option.

How do I get my Order?

Our head office is located in Johannesburg. Therefore, you can collect your order from our offices. We deliver orders to Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort and the East Rand for R120.00 ex vat. But, we are not confined to these areas, daily we courier products across the country so do not let it bother you if you are located in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London etc. We can get your order to you for R130.00 Excluding VAT. Please note courier delivery can take up to 2 extra working days.


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