2024 Tent Calendars

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2024 Tent calendar Printing Johannesburg

Our 2024 Tent calendar Printing Johannesburg service highly visible and used every day! Checking the date for the next deadline, seminar, or show, or planning a long weekend, the smallest of our calendars packs the biggest punch.

6 Months to view on either side and reflecting public and school holidays on the bottom. Your company details will be printed in 1, 2 or full colour in the space provided. There is a choice of attractive themes, or use our layout and supply your product pictures.

  • Overprint area 105 x 40 mm
    • Available in units of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, 400, 500, up to 3000 Minimum quantity 50
    • Quantities up to and including 350 are digitally printed.
    • Finished Size 210 x 297 mm flat, folds down to DL size
2024 Tent Calendar Printing

Megaprints is running a calendar printing sale on all 2024 calendar printing South Africa. We have the best calendar printing prices in South Africa and Southern Africa. We offer personalized 2024 calendar printing South Africa; Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and Southern Africa. Our tailor-made 2024 calendars are printed on 250g gloss.
Megaprints offer Free delivery on all 2024 calendar printing within a radius of 100km from our premises Johannesburg. Get your 2024 calendars printed and delivered to your doorstep nationwide. Get a free quote on our calendars from the cheap calendar printing company South Africa now. Our own 2024 calendar printing prices range from as little as R1.50. We print wall calendars, triangle calendars, desk calendars, tent calendars, desk pads calendars, etc. variety is our specialty making us the best among the 2023 calendar printing companies South Africa.

Are you experiencing the following from your Calendar suppliers?

Bad Calendar Printing quality
Late delivery on your Calendar Printing
Unreliable Calendar printing companies
Expensive Calendar Printing companies
Poor communication with your Calendar printing supplier that leads to late Calendar deliveries.

2024 Calendar Printing Johannesburg

If you are tired of these, then Megaprints is here to assist you and walk you through from the very first call you make be it an email for a quote up until delivery. Our team responds promptly as we work flat out at times we do night shifts to ensure that Quality, Good Service, Fast Delivery and Good pricing is delivered to our valued clients on calendar manufacturing, supplies and all printing requirements for 2024 Tent Calendar Printing.


Megaprints is situated in Johannesburg. We believe that advertisements can certainly be done in so many different forms which include well-designed and personalized calendars. In the corporate world, calendars are most certainly used to advertise and gift clients.  Therefore, desktop calendars and wall calendars with the company name are the best advertisements for companies. So we assist with all your calendar needs.

Megaprints certainly offers all types of calendars at high quality and also quick delivery. Our calendar types include desk planners, multi-sheet calendars, Desktop calendars, and also single-sided calendars. Our calendar printing sizes start from  A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 to any size of calendar that is requested for. Furthermore,  we provide the best photographic designs provided by our graphic designers to ensure that we give our best and most attractive designs that can benefit our clients. We most certainly leave our customers with no regrets whether it’s artwork or pictures, logos, or simply a pretty image. we are most certainly here to deliver exactly what you want.


Proxel International Printers also prints any custom-size calendar at no hidden costs and we do deliver for free. We also do Triangle and 7-page calendar printing. Additionally, 12- page tent calendar, desktop calendar, wall calendar, A2 desk pad, and planner calendar. We most certainly offer a wide range of options and would be delighted to help with designing and creating a calendar that fits your style.


Megaprints is certainly the best in the industry. At Megaprintsl we believe that advertisement can be done in many different forms which include our Calendar as a way of advertising and showing gratitude to the clients because a calendar is something that lasts the whole year which makes clients forever remember the services provided by the company’s name on the calendar.

We provide different types of calendars of high quality. Which are best suitable for different parastatals and Individuals despite the size of the calendars. The types of calendars we print include desk planners, and multi-sheet calendars. Desktop calendars and single side calendars start from sizes like A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 to any size of calendar that is requested  We provide the best photographic designs provided by our graphic designers to ensure that we give our best and attractive designs that can benefit both individuals, the client, and the owner of the calendar.


Proxel International is one of the best wall calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. We are also known for printing quality wall calendars, desktop calendars, tent calendars, triangle calendars, and its environs. The wall calendar consists of one sheet which certainly carries all the months of the year and a given image and information. From the client, this calendar is best used for advertising, and also personal use to showcase any type of image and Company’s logo. Therefore, this type of calendar comes in so many different sizes which are A3, A2, and A1. Needless to say, clients have a variety of options. Furthermore, our calendars offer space to showcase any type of image with a great view.


Not only do we assist with calendar printing, our prices are transparent – no hidden costs, we print any custom size, and we deliver at no cost. We also print Triangle and 7-page calendars. Additionally, we do 12-page tent calendars, desktop calendars, A2 desk pad, and planner calendars. We have got you covered, we are best at what we do and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Similarly, we offer all printing services a customer is in search of: Not matter what your printing needs may be, our team has the experience and expertise to meet your requirements or exceed your expectations.

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